Unibet Ltd makes use of a quality assurance system, which has been deployed, audited and approved by NIISM (Scientific and Research Institute of Construction Materials) in Sofia. It fulfils completely the “Regulation for the Substantial Requirements and Evaluation of the Compliance of Construction Products” of the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works. We hold valid compliance certificates for all of our concrete and lime mixtures.

The quality of the purchased raw materials is secured not only through our suppliers’ certificates, but also through the periodic performance of our own testing of the materials delivered. Our company’s policy makes sure that samples from every type of concrete are obtained on a daily basis and sent to a laboratory. Apart from this, every customer of ours is free to take his own samples and forward them for testing.

Additional quality assurance is made possible through the ELBAMATIC C5 computer control, which is a self-adjusting system that controls the entire process of quality production of mixtures in the ELBA EMS 1000 concrete mixing plant.

The company is recertified according to EN-ISO 9001:2000 with Certificate No. 200102 from October 25, 2006, issued by BVQI.

ISO9001 certified
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