Unibet Ltd is a producer of concrete and lime mixtures. Their production cycle is subdivided as follows:

• customer order;
• preparation of the ordered mixture;
• delivery of the mixture to the customer’s construction site;
• laying of the mixture using a concrete pump, if necessary.

The following materials are used in the preparation of the mixtures:

• sand excavated underwater, from the HOLCIM sand-pits;
• crushed stone aggregate from the Delyan and Studena pits;
• cement made by Zlanta Panega Cement;
• chemical admixtures of Ading, Sika or other manufacturers as specified by the customer.

The inert aggregates are stored in a silo, which allows for control over their moisture. In addition, a vapor generator makes possible the usage of these materials at below-zero temperatures. The joint production capacity of both concrete preparation centers of Unibet amounts to 140 m³/h or 8 000 m³ per month. Since its establishment in the year 2000, the company has produced over 500 000 m³ of concrete and lime mixtures.

As with all wet processes in the construction industry, the preparation and laying of concrete and lime mixtures is dependent on the environmental conditions and the air temperature. The concrete and lime mixtures produced by Unibet can be also laid in the winter season thanks to the fact that the machines heat the materials up to the temperature required for the mixture preparation and on the other hand, the finished product is injected with admixtures which allow the pouring of concrete under freezing conditions.

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